Reading Opens All Roads (ROAR)
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Reading Opens All Roads (ROAR)

Need Addressed:

Research proves the importance of reading to children. This is critical to their educational and social development, and it is also a great way to focus on the family. Statistics show children with parents or caregivers who read to them perform 10% higher (or more) on standardized tests. Therefore we strive to affect these children positively by reading to them and encouraging them to read, which in turn positively influences their future achievement. ROAR provides an environment where education and literacy are emphasized to children who may not otherwise receive this opportunity.

Program Description:roar pic1

Each week while their parents attend Baby Basics class a retired teacher, staff and volunteers read stories to pre-school children and assist them with craft projects. We believe in giving every child the chance to develop early on a love for reading and, in doing so, giving them a chance for a successful future. To ensure this, every child leaves ROAR with a book to take home and call their own. It is rare for a child in the neighborhood surrounding The Potter’s Wheel to possess multiple books that they can read and be proud to own. Along with hands-on reading and giving children their own books, The Potter’s Wheel also provides materials for group activities that promote literacy.

Mission Alignment:

The ROAR program aligns with The Potter’s Wheel Ministries’ mission by meeting spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational needs of inner-city Evansville children to transform lives by strengthening families.


The goal of the ROAR program is to promote literacy and instill an excitement for wanting to read in children while strengthening the bond between parent and child, and enhancing the quality of life for the parents, children and the family unit.


Expected outputs will be that at least 70 pre-school aged children will participate in ROAR during 2016. During 2015 there were 78 pre-school aged children that participated in ROAR.

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  1. At least 85% of children will demonstrate increased interest or proficiency in reading (being read to);
  2. At least 85% of parents will report increased time spent reading to their children and 100% of children served will have increased access to age-appropriate reading materials

Data Source(s):

Attendance sheets will be maintained for each session. A monthly report will be submitted to the administrator prior to the board of directors meeting. Increases and improvements in enjoyment, interest and attention span will be evaluated by observations of the teacher, staff and volunteers.



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