Baby Basics
Service Times: Sunday - 10:30am
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Baby Basics

Need Addressed:

There is a proven link between early childhood development and the level of success s child will experience later in life. In fact, research tells us 85% of a child’s capacity to learn is determined by the age of five. Parents are their child’s first and best teacher, so effective parenting skills are critical to a child’s development. Program Description: Parents gain increased knowledge of the basic skills required to raise a healthy child in a safe environment. Weekly classes are taught by a former kindergarten teacher and current day care center consultant. Class topics cover health and nutrition, child safety, parenting skills and tips, and caring for a child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. Diapers, baby wipes, formula (when available) and Little Lambs vouchers are distributed after class as incentives to the parents who participate. Vouchers can be redeemed for baby supplies and equipment in a store operated by Little Lambs, a local nonprofit agency.

Mission Alignment:

Baby Basics aligns to The Potter’s Wheel Ministries’ mission by meeting the spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational needs of inner-city Evansville residents, transforming lives by strengthening families.


The goal of the Baby Basics program is to promote the development of healthier children through improved parenting skills (including nutrition education) which will result in better social and educational outcomes for children served.


Expected outputs will be at least 65 parents will participate in parenting skills classes and will demonstrate increased positive and effective parenting techniques during 2016. During 2015, there were 53 parents who participated in parenting skills classes and demonstrated positive parenting techniques.


  1. At least 85% of parents will demonstrate the use of appropriate parenting techniques;
  2. At least 85% of parents will report increased parenting knowledge;
  3. At least 85% of parents will report improved parenting skills;
  4. At least 85% of parents who received formula will report improved child nutrition as a result.


Data Source(s):

Attendance sheets will be maintained. Monthly reports will verify the attendance of each session. A report will be submitted to the administrator prior to the monthly meeting of The Potter’s Wheel Board of Directors. Observations by the teacher, staff, and volunteers will be used to identify growth in positive parenting techniques.

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