Potter's Wheel Home

The Potter's Wheel Inner City Mission is a ministry in Evansville, Indiana. Blessed with faithful donors, willing volunteers and strong leadership, The Potter’s Wheel Inner City Mission is winning souls for Christ and changing lives among inner-city residents. Once a haven for drug activity, prostitution and crime, the neighborhood surrounding The Potter’s Wheel is undergoing a major transformation and is becoming a quieter and safer environment for families and children. However, inner-city Evansville is still plagued by a cycle of generational incarceration and poverty that includes low literacy rates, limited access to educational opportunities, low educational attainment rates and limited access to jobs that pay a living wage. The Potter’s Wheel Inner City Mission is making an impact by offering many services for its low income neighbors and has developed into a very effective ministry in Southwestern Indiana and adjacent Kentucky. Neighborhood police officers say that the neighborhood is safer since The Potter’s Wheel Inner City Mission opened in 2003. The elderly feel safe to sit on their porches and parents now allow their children to play on the sidewalks.

The Potter’s Wheel Inner City Mission has programs to provide for basic immediate needs and others designed to educate people to give them the skills needed to help themselves. The Diner, a soup kitchen, serves lunch every Tuesday and breakfast every Saturday. Meals are provided to all youth participating in the youth programs every Tuesday and Thursday evening. A free clothing bank is open during The Diner’s hours on Tuesdays and Saturdays. GED classes are held twice weekly. Parenting skills are taught weekly in a class called Baby Basics. A retired teacher heads a pre-school reading program called Reading Opens All Roads (ROAR). Four distinct EPIC 1:3 youth programs are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. These programs teach Godly principles that help at-risk youth make positive choices instead of negative choices that can lead to poor relationships, poverty, substance abuse and incarceration. Our programs not only impact each youth’s destiny, but will also impact the community in positive ways.